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Floyd Danner is out for revenge in the final book of The Calamitous Breed Trilogy. The first target of his vendetta ride is Walt Tabor, the man he promised to kill in Blood City. Initially, Danner has only the cowboy Hound Olivo at his side, but will carefully select three others to help him in his pursuit of the men Danner holds responsible for killing his dear friend, Marshal CB Wooly. They include the mysterious and deadly Apache with many names, the maniacal Laughing Billy Bemo, and last but not least, the rancher Stu Graybow.


Through a series of visions, the Apache knows Floyd Danner intends to track him down. With the formulation of a most ingenious plan, he teams once again with Laughing Billy. These two hired killers will await Danner and his men in highly unlikely surroundings. Stu Graybow has no worries about Danner coming after him, but fears the law and bounty hunters will pursue him for killing CB Wooly. To protect himself, Graybow hires five proven gunmen. Against the odds he faces, Danner begins to doubt his abilities and dreads leading his men into a fight they can’t possibly win. However, Floyd Danner has one edge he greatly underestimates, but if properly used, will even the odds.


The leaders of Chicago’s most notorious street gangs are being murdered in a hideous fashion. The methods of elimination are so extreme that subordinates are unwilling to fill the vacant roles, prompting a reduction in gang-related crimes. Just two men, seemingly specters from another place and time, are believed to be conducting the highly efficient vigilante slayings. Their mysterious appearances, and disappearances, baffle both their prey and the detectives assigned to the meticulously sanitized crime scenes.

The duo, soon dubbed by the media as “the Outlaws,” are perpetrating acts that far exceed the capabilities of two typical men. The street gangs, law enforcement officials, and the citizenry who start to emulate the two men’s actions have no way of knowing the Outlaws are simply the tip of a spear gouging the underbelly of the Windy City. The evil fear them. The just applaud them. The cops who pursue them fall somewhere in the middle. 

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One day, David Robbins is admired, respected, and mostly loved by all who know him. The next day…all that starts to change. One decision, one “failure to act,” and David Robbin’s whole world is turned upside-down in the most hideous fashion imaginable to a parent. The wealthy civic leader soon finds himself not only a despised pariah, but facing the threat of losing what little remains of his once highly blessed life. One man, Luke Hogue, is not admired or respected by anyone. He’s not only running from the law, but from the drug-induced ghosts of a man more evil than himself, and of a most persistent little girl. Some will say Hogue is the sole architect of David Robbins’ catastrophe, and Hogue will agree. Although he is being prodded to right a wrong, Luke Hogue is just not the type to save David Robbins’ life by giving up his own.

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River Yates is a descendant of both the outlaws and lawmen that battled in the San Bois Mountains of the Oklahoma Territory. River was once as rambunctious as any of his ancestors, but that was before the voices of his brutal past started calling from the big red barn on his ranch. A decorated Vietnam veteran, one-time cop, and manhunter, River’s skills with fists and firearms are touted far and wide. 

Now, however, the legendary River is not the man he used to be. Even the closest of friends marvel at what seems to border on cowardliness. Only River knows the truth, and in order to protect a newfound love from the homicidal antics of a madman, he must overcome the fears of turning back to the tactics of the River Yates of old.

The love of the right woman can make a good man even better. When it is cut short, it can set off events that will take a disastrous toll. In a place where it is easier to die than live, former U.S. Deputy Marshall, Clay Bardoe, has everything taken from him by the lowliest of outlaws. Bardoe goes on a manhunt in 1893 Oklahoma Territory, to right the greatest of wrongs.
When words like bad, horrendous and abominable can't capture the true nature of the evil Bardoe faces, he realizes that every angry moment of his life must be used to get revenge. But anger has consequences and those consequences take Bardoe down a path with no return.

In Killing Bardoe, the first book of The Calamitous Breed trilogy, International Indy Book Award Winner for Fiction, Keith Remer, brings a Western saga so gut-wrenching it will leave you questioning if, in the deepest parts of man, there may be something even worse than evil.

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Marshal CB Wooly returns in Blood City, the Second Book in The Calamitous Breed Trilogy. Wooly’s life is not the same since his “shootout” with the notorious Clay Bardoe. He has gained both tremendous fame and relentless guilt for the manner in which he won that fight. With the gun battle nearly two years in the past, CB has grown weary of others trying to build their reputation by destroying his. It is with one last and very lucrative assignment in “No Man’s Land,” that Marshal Wooly hopes to make enough money to retire to his childhood home in Virginia, and escape the pitfalls of being a dime-novel legend.

The tormented citizens of Beaver City await CB Wooley, but so does a range war and two very capable hired gunmen. One is a black-hearted maniac, and the other a highly-educated and mysterious assassin who combines his white-man skills with the cunning ways of his native blood. Two other characters from Killing Bardoe will join CB in combatting the dangerous forces that maintain a death-grip on Beaver City. Marshal CB Wooly will have his heart ripped asunder in the capitol city of No Man’s Land, but will take a stand that forms the catalyst of the final book in the trilogy, Reaping Hellfire.


The infamous four met in grade school. After high school all four went on the rodeo circuit, became stars, and returned home with their substantial winnings. They were rough and tough kids who grew into even rougher and tougher men. Only a very skewed definition of the word would describe them as friends. Throughout the years, they were more like out and out enemies, but never fully violated the tenuous truce that kept them from self-destruction. 

They massed their rodeo winnings to buy property in Caddo County. By mid-age, they were twenty-first century land barons, and almost pillars of their community. Then, the sins of their youth and the consequences of their wayward personalities assaults them in an assortment of awfulness that will surely see them all to a premature grave. Like no time before, they are forced to stand as allies to blaze away at forces even more brutal, meaner, and uglier than themselves. As kids they’d played cowboys and Indians. Now, they will live it.

In this International Award Wining Novel, terrible things are happening in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma. A black teen and his white girl friend have disappeared. After an altercation with white ruffians, a Choctaw Indian turns up missing as well. It's not a good time for a Jewish boy from Boston to spend time in this place where it seems minorities are suddenly unwelcome.

Sheriff Burl Hansen has his hands full even before fate forces him to bond with the boy from Boston. Hansen, though, will not heed the mystical warnings of a Choctaw holy man until it's too late to save citizens from the terror of good intentions gone awry.

In a Godly community where honorable men have strayed, only a force beyond human comprehension can intervene from The Hiding Place of Thunder.

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Keith Remer has worn many hats and held numerous titles but prefers a western felt or straw and the description of rancher. His awards for fiction are in the thriller genre, but he refers to them as contemporary westerns because his characters are normally of the rural, blue-collar types that Keith considers to be the back-bone of this great and wonderful country. He is proud to be a member of the Cherokee Nation, and considers himself a student of nineteenth century American history, specifically that which is often referred to as the old or Wild West.

Keith is the International Indy Book Award Winner for Best in Fiction for his thriller, The Hiding Place of Thunder.

He is quickly gaining recognition as one of today’s best writers in multiple genres of fiction. To date he has written twelve novels which are in various stages of production. Keith lives on his horse ranch in rural Oklahoma City. Also follow Keith on his Keith Remer Author Page on Facebook



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